Amazing Pictures Taken At Just The Right Moment

However, taking the perfect frame is harder than it looks. Steady nerves and a healthy dose of luck are needed to capture gems like the ones you are eager to see.


The small furry animal makes no effort in concealing its obsession on any food flying through the air. We are not sure if this photo inspired Smeagol from Lord of the Rings, but a slight resemblance is there.

The squirrel’s eyes are big and focused, and its claws are ready to grab the unsuspecting victim. National Geographic should leave behind the traditional hunting scenes taking place in Africa and concentrate on this life-or-death battle between the predator and its prey.

This photo probably changes the whole way in which you look at squirrels. Will you pet the next one without having a voice in your mind saying that this is suicide and that you can end up without your hand?

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