Kate Hudson Shares A Heartwarming Video Celebrating Daughter Rani Rose’s First Birthday

The festivities kicked off earlier in the week, when Rani enjoyed a joint birthday party with stylist Jamie Mizrahi’s son, Yale. Both of the proud mamas shared photos from the event on Instagram.

“An Oktoberfest themed Jewish new year 1st birthday party 🎈🍺🎂 🤷🏻‍♀️,” Jamie wrote alongside her pictures. All four parents and their tots are all smiles and laughter while donning traditional German garb.

On Tuesday, Kate took to Instagram to share her official birthday wishes for her daughter, along with a sweet video of the little girl. “And what a year it’s a been 💫,” she captioned the video. “A big Happy 1st Birthday to Rani Rose 🎂”.

Kate wasn’t the only one who was excited to share their birthday wishes for Rani. Grandma Goldie Hawn also shared a tribute to the 1-year-old. “Happy 1st birthday to my granddaughter Rani Rose Fujikawa 🌹,” Goldie wrote. “Our new little princess flower who makes us jump for joy ⭐️❤️.”

While Rani is the first little girl for Kate and the first child for Danny, Kate is also mom to two not-so-little boys. Son Ryder Russell is 15 years old, and Bingham Hawn is 8 years old. Kate opened up about the change in dynamic in her household earlier this year.

“We’re sort of balancing out the masculine and the feminine,” Kate told Entertainment Tonight with a smile. “It’s great — it’s a lot right now, I’m not going to lie — it’s busy in the house. It’s a lot trying to juggle and manage.”

Kate continued, saying that “it’s like, the family huddles around and everyone gets their strategy and then and we’re like, ‘Hike! Let’s do this, let’s spread out.’ But it’s good.” It seems like their family jumped all in on adjusting to life with an infant in the home.

With seven years between each of her children, there are some differences in approach. “Basically, I’ve been having children my entire adult life,” she joked. “Ryder is 15, he’s sort of doing his own thing right now. He needs a different kind of nurturing.”

“I’m nurturing him differently than, say, Rani and Bing,” she continued. “Him, it’s like a more mental nurture these days. Like, ‘let’s sit down and talk about this.’ But in terms of having to do things, he’s really independent and doing a lot on his own and more helpful than it is needing from me in that way. He’s more my helper.”

Kate has also really enjoyed watching Danny come into his own as a father. “Danny is the greatest. I feel like I hit the jackpot,” she revealed. “His natural ability as a dad is just amazing to watch. He’s also just an incredible, supportive partner for me. That’s a nice thing to have.”

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