Focus on Your Energy Centers

There are seven basic areas or energies on which the green witch’s practice fo- cuses:  

1. Harmony: within the self; between humanity and nature; between indi- viduals; within a community or family 

2. Health: of the body, mind, and spirit; of the immediate natural environment; of the larger environment 

3. Love: for the self; for other individuals; for humanity 

4. Happiness: in oneself; in others; in the natural world 

5. Peace: within oneself; within a community or family; between factions; be- tween nations

 6. Abundance: personal; familial; community; nation; nature; also includes prosperity and fertility, both of which are aspects of abundance 

7. Protection: personal; familial; community; nature  These seven areas encompass most of life. Let’s look at them one by one.  


Harmony is the watchword and main goal of the green witch’s practice. Har- mony can be seen as the energy that helps all the other energies flow and is capa- ble of being applied to any of the other six areas of focus to help them along. To maintain harmony, you must balance the six other areas of your life, and when everything is in harmony, these other six areas will flow smoothly and in balance. Of course you can work toward harmony as a general goal as well, and several of the rituals, spells, and recipes in this book promote harmony. When your personal energy is balanced and all the various parts of yourself are in tune, you are in harmony with yourself. That’s harder to achieve than it sounds. We all possess traits that we dislike and wish we didn’t have. It’s important, how- ever, to acknowledge those bits of your personality and spirit, for if you deny them then you are attempting to reject a part of yourself, and you thus deny part of your own energy. In doing so, you deny part of your connection to nature. Harmony be- tween humankind and nature is important, and fostering that balance between humanity and the natural world is part of the green witch’s work. Because encour- aging harmony between individuals is also part of the green path, communication within humanity is one of the most common ways that energy is stirred and passed along. This communication is one of the foundations of society. 


Health affects your physical well-being, certainly, but it also affects your emo- tional, mental, and spiritual well-being. Illness is a result of, or creates, an imbal- ance in your personal energy, which must then be rebalanced in order to return to health. Listening to and working with your own body’s energy will help you main- tain a balanced and healthy mind and spirit. All of these energies are interde- pendent and deserve to be taken into account when one or another goes out of equilibrium.  The health of your immediate environment also affects the health of your own body, mind, and spirit. Likewise, the health of the environment is a general con- cern for the green witch, for the environment affects all of humankind.

 LOVE Most people consider love to be an important part of their lives. They spend a lot of energy attempting to find it, keep it, or strengthen it. But there’s more to love than the romantic kind that immediately pops into mind. Healthy love of the self is crucial to a well-balanced personal energy and to healthy self-esteem. Love of fam- ily and close friends who form your chosen family is also important, for it is the  love of such companions that supports you in your everyday efforts. Maintaining positive and balanced relationships with these people is integral to your emotional and spiritual balance. Love for all of humanity is also an important area of focus for the green witch, even though it can be difficult to love someone you do not know personally or someone you do not like. Loving others is an example of honoring and respecting nature and all nature’s creatures: it is an act of honoring their very existence and their place within nature’s energy. 

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