Your Weight-Loss Journey Begins Today!

My goal is to make you, my reader, understand that you can avoid wasting time  and energy on traditional diets that only provide temporary weight loss. Know that you can achieve your most beautiful self and your perfect weight while still eating abundantly. When you are no longer worrying about your weight, you can focus on your life dreams and goals. Keep in mind that you are an individual, which means your journey to weight loss will be uniquely personal to you. You will discover what techniques work well for you, what roadblocks you may need to overcome, and, most importantly, how to encourage and motivate yourself. I’ve tried to explain the steps in the DHEMM System as clearly as possible so the dietary and lifestyle changes ensure steady and consistent progress and don’t make you feel overwhelmed. The DHEMM System is your personal journey toward your weight-loss destination. I suggest you read this book just for understanding at first and then reread it with a mind to take action and begin your journey. Get a copy for a family member and friend so that you all can encourage and support one another through this life- changing transformation. Your family, friends, and I will be here to guide you along and support you. I have had frustrations with unexplained weight gain. I have worked hard to lose weight, only to find that each week, the pounds continued to pile on. You are not alone. We will do this together. Let your journey begin today. 

Lastly, I want to congratulate you for having the courage to take back control of your weight and your health. We are surrounded by so many unhealthy food choic- es that are enticing and addictive. But with the proper guidance and motivation, you can leave old eating habits behind and establish new, healthier eating habits. Know that this will take resolve, discipline, and the ability to overcome short-term temptation, but those temptations will diminish significantly after the first month of the DHEMM System. I know how much courage it takes to begin a new life and a new relationship with food. I support you and encourage you in your efforts. Sincerely, 

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