What Makes Us Overweight and Unhealthy

I believe that most overweight people are actually naturally thin. The body is com- plex and designed to maintain healthiness. The body is smarter than any diet pill or fad diet on the market. If you just change your eating habits to align with your body’s natural ability to heal, stay slim, and have energy, you will never have to worry about weight again. So, in this book, we are going to change the way you think about weight loss and eating forever. People who do not struggle with weight problems seem to think the cause of obesity is simply laziness and gluttony. In fact, I really get tired of people assuming that overweight or obese people should just eat less and exercise more to lose weight. This is an overly simplistic view of the problem. The mantra of “eat less and exercise more” does not solve the many complicated factors affecting weight gain for most people. You need to understand that the human body is much more complex than this as it relates to weight loss. I’ve heard everything from “stop eat- ing so much” and “step away from the table” to “overweight people are lazy and have no willpower.” It’s a false message to send to overweight people that being fat is totally their fault. This is simply not true. We may have heard an overweight person say, “I don’t really eat that much, and I still can’t seem to lose weight.” 

Often they are telling the truth. In fact, I think we all know people who are over- weight who work very hard to lose weight to no avail. They count calories, eat less, and work out but get little in the way of long-term or permanent results. The truth is that nobody wants to be fat. Excess weight is due to a combination of factors that are often outside of one’s control, such as genetics, hormonal imbalances, or the poor-quality Standard American Diet (SAD) readily available to us. It isn’t your fault that you have problems with your weight. Even if you have enough willpower to keep yourself from eating when your brain tells you that you’re hungry, you still may not be able to lose weight. There are so many other factors in play that cause you to gain weight. Until you understand the real reasons you gain weight, you will never be able to lose weight permanently. The key is to learn to naturally speed up your body’s fat-burning capabilities to help you lose weight and get healthy. There is no one simple reason why an individual may have trouble with his or her weight; in most cases, there are several reasons. I will share all of them with you so you can understand how to assist your own body in becoming naturally thin and healthy. 

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