Weight Loss with the Green Smoothie Diet

The truth is pretty solid in that vegetables, when eaten as a whole food, helps with  weight loss.  So by adding the vegetables to the recipes, we insure you receive your requirements for vegetables, plus vegetables provide fiber and help to keep the body feeling full so you will not want to reach for the junk foods.  The combi- nation of fruits to vegetables helps the body to digest the foods easier, by digesting the foods slower it helps them to move along the digestive tract easier and helps in the absorption of the vital nutrients.  This is why the green smoothie diet is so successful in helping with weight loss.   The biggest reason people fail to eat right is the taste.  Many do not care for the taste or texture of vegetables and will simply avoid them.  This leads to health is- sues, as discussed above.  If you are someone that has issues with eating enough vegetables and needs to lose weight, you may be a good candidate for the green smoothie diet.  The fruit always over powers the vegetables when it comes to taste.  The color of the smoothie may take on a green hue, but it will taste like whatever fruit combinations you have used.  Have you ever taken a drink of those vegetable fruit drinks like V8 Fusion?  Those drinks contain vegetables and fruit juice and you can never taste the vegetables.  Green smoothies are even better be- cause you know you are using fresh ingredients because you make them as you drink them.  

Dieting works well with exercise, so if you really want to lose a good amount of weight and fat, try adding some exercise routines with your diet plan.  Even just walking three times a week for a half an hour a time will help shed that unwanted weight.  Last Minute Advice  Losing weight on the green smoothie diet is so easy.  The only effort you will have will be in the preparation of the smoothies.  You will need a good blender or food processor.  All of the recipes are so simple, you add the ingredients into the food processor or blender and “combine” to the texture you desire, which is “smooth,” thus the term “smoothie.”   There are over 80 recipes in this book.  They all make one to two servings, de- pending on how much or how little you wish to consume.   The recipes can be ad- justed as needed.  If you find some are a little too thick, just add a little more liq- uid to make them thinner.  If you do not like a particular fruit, substitute it or an- other.  The thing about smoothies is they taste good in so many different combi- nations.  You may start to create your own recipes after trying these.  But there are enough recipes here, with all different fruits, vegetables and even proteins and other herbs and spices and ingredients; you can find a different flavor for each meal without repeating them.   As always, it is vital to speak with your health care provider before starting any new diet plan.  Go over the recipes and ingredients and make sure you are safe to con- sume them.  

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