The role of fasting in the human body

So, I’d like to offer you a little bit of my background so you can get a feel for why intermittent fasting has been so valuable to me. I grew up in the kind of household where dinner time was one of the only occa- sions when my brother and I could please our father. We did this by being ani- mated about how good the food was, and having seconds, thirds, and even four plates of food. I got accustomed to thinking that being really full meant that you had eaten enough. I’ve been overweight my whole life until now. My relationship with food just wasn’t good. I was a classic emotional eater. Eventually, I got serious about my weight and, investigator that I am, researched all the best diets and tricks in the book. I tried being vegan, pescetarian, strange lemonade “cleanses”, mindful eating, and paleo. The best I could seem to do was hover around 200 lbs. (still uncomfortably chubby) while eating paleo. What kept resurfacing was my relationship with food, and the weekly binge would continuously throw me off track. All the above methods actually worked for a little 

while, but it was my own mind that kept sabotaging my efforts. About 5 years ago, I got serious. I hired a diet coach who had me doing everything from heavy weight training to macro-nutrient cycling, and intermittent fasting. This is where I first learned about intermittent fasting. I approached my ideal weight with him, but I inevitably gained some of weight back because I hadn’t dealt with a core problem. What I did notice, though, was that my weight seemed to finally level off and never rose back to those ungodly levels prior to that. What kept it down? Intermittent fasting! This was simply due to that classic equa- tion, my eating window being later in the day; I just couldn’t put down enough food to gain weight. I would still have an occasional screw up, but my weight wouldn’t spiral out of control. Now, this isn’t an excuse to eat poorly, but rather to signify the first realization of the usefulness of intermittent fasting. 

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