Psychological Benefits: The Mental Game Of Dieting

If you’re like me, you love food. I mean LOVE it. Who wants to eat salads every day? Not me. Hey, there’s nothing wrong with a good salad but, in my opinion, if you are going to be consistent with your diet – and you will need to be in order to be successful – you have to be able to enjoy what you are doing. If you have to eat tiny salads and chicken breast every day, you’re going to struggle. You’ll be stressed out; you’ll get bored; you’ll screw up. Here’s how IF helps: because you have shifted your eating window to later in the day, you get to eat BIG, satisfying meals. It’s quite difficult to overeat 1800+ calories in an 8-10 hour window unless you really try or are eating garbage in the first place. On that note, it’s important to remember that this isn’t an excuse to eat junk. Junk still adds up quickly. But it does give you a lot of leeway to eat the meals you like, and to eat until you are full. This is one of the main benefits people rave about with IF; you are on a diet but it doesn’t look or feel like it because you get to eat big. Screw the salads; go for the steak and potatoes. Another benefit is helping to remove obsessiveness about food and what to eat. People practicing IF report that fasting has helped refresh their outlook on food as more of a fuel source rather than a stress relief. You’ll learn your body’s true 

signals for hunger and when you really need food, rather than just your condi- tioned response. In the morning hours, while you’re sipping your black coffee, you won’t feel lethar- gic and slow for your usual bagel and cream cheese. Instead, you’ll be focused and alert, being more effective, efficient, and productive. Finally, and this has been one of my favorites, you’ll have one less meal to shop for. This doesn’t mean you never get to eat breakfast again. That would be ridicu- lous … we both know breakfast food rocks. But cutting out breakfast has simplified my life immensely. I buy a third less groceries, plan a third less meals. Time saved. Money saved. What could be better than that? Of course, if you have a family, and they don’t all practice IF, well, you might be out of luck on some of those benefits, but maybe you can convert them! 

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