Exercise For Fun, Not As A Requirement

I’ve saved exercise for the latter half of the book because your diet is the NUMBER 1 thing you need to focus on to lose weight. It’s where your effort should be di- rected most. The reason for this is simply a matter of practicality. You could go for a 1 hour brisk walk or simply NOT EAT that 400 calorie bagel and cream cheese. Exercise is important for our health, that goes without saying, but for fat loss, it’s secondary. But for me, I have found that walking helps me to unwind, clear my head, and sup- presses my appetite. For that reason, I think walking is the best thing you can do to help with your weight loss efforts. I like to walk for 40-60 minutes around lunchtime while everyone is sitting on their ass eating. Another benefit is that, if you walk while fasting, your body will be converting your stored body fat into the energy source for your walk. Goodbye, body fat! Remember, it isn’t necessary for your fat loss efforts, so do it if you like to, or to give yourself some extra calories for some plans you have later. Want to have that gin and tonic tonight but don’t have the calories left for your deficit? Go for a 40-minute brisk walk! 

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