Black makes you look thin?

Sorry to burst the bubble, but advice that magazines give you, like ‘wear black to look thin’, ‘wear a T-shirt with vertical lines’, is best left in the magazines. If you’re carrying more weight than you should be, any colour you wear, black, green, magenta, will not disguise it. One time you should wear black though is when you’re wearing that LBD and showing off your figure. If a woman who is overweight wears black, she’s just going to get bitchy comments like ‘Oh, she’s 

trying to hide those tyres’. The only thing that can make you look thin is to carry less weight — whether it’s on your body, or in your mind (because you think you look fat). Another heartbreaker — don’t go by those question-answer advice columns in magazines and newspapers. Here’s something I would like to share with you. A year ago, I got a call from a journalist with a magazine (a leading women’s mag) congratulating me for the success of the book and offering me one of their ad- vice columns. They have a wide readership, he said, and their readers had loved my book and wanted my opinion on what they should be eating and what exer- cises they should do, etc. Just as I was feeling really good about myself, my ego getting massaged, he said that all I would have to do is pay 25,000 rupees for half a page. ‘What! I thought you would be paying me,’ I blurted. Anyway, though he felt he was presenting me with this wonderful opportunity to reach out to all potential clients (even a mug shot of mine would be carried with the column, he said; and I could even just come with my own questions, and give answers to 

those made-up questions), I declined. I felt so cheated that this stuff happens. Through my teenage years, all my knowl- edge of sex, vaginas, menstruation, contraception came from all these advice columns. To think now that they’re likely to be paid for and fake! The answers are just a way to sell packages! And yes, I do write a column for a magazine (Outlook) now, but I get paid for it! Not enough, but I get paid nevertheless! ☺ 

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